The Wisconsin MBA Program specialization in corporate finance and investment banking is aided by a board of advisors that includes executives and current practitioners from major financial service and investment banking firms. The advisory board brings together leaders from diverse backgrounds who hold a variety of positions within the field. This collection of knowledgeable mentors is critical for providing MBA students with the range of advice and training necessary to become successful business leaders.

Advisory board members and an engaged alumni network provide corporate finance and investment banking students with valuable expertise on their consulting projects and access to industry connections in a variety of financial investment fields. An example of this network enrichment occurs each fall, when the advisory board meets to conduct mock interviews with students, participate as classroom guest speakers, and facilitate the placement of students for internships and full-time positions.

Don Condon

“The corporate finance and investment banking specialization in the Wisconsin MBA Program creates a unique opportunity for both businesses and students. Starting with candidates that are among the best qualified in the world, the specialization provides unique access to the best academic training and real-world business projects, working with key executives. For Fortune 500 companies, banks, and investment houses, corporate finance students in turn offer creative, value-adding solutions to serious real-time business issues as well as potential new employees that start way ahead of MBA students from most major universities. It has been a great privilege to work with this program for many years and to see it become a significant competitive advantage for both the companies we partner with and the students we develop.”

—Don Condon
President of IDSM Distribution Services, Inc.

Board Members