Wisconsin MBA students in marketing analytics and insights benefit from a variety of applied learning experiences, including the hands-on application of marketing research tools and techniques, as well as training in leadership, consulting, and presentation skills. The Student Consulting Program gives you an opportunity to apply classroom theories to real marketing analytics and insights projects for actual clients. Current Topics Seminars bring you in contact with industry speakers who demonstrate how they apply marketing analytics and insights to their business problems. After learning from experts in the field and gaining real-world experience, you will be ready to lead your organizations to make better, more informed business strategies.

Learn About the Latest Market Trends

Every semester, marketing analytics and insights students go on company visits and hear influential industry professionals discuss the latest trends in marketing research. On recent visits to Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and SC Johnson, students learned how to make advertising more effective through marketing analytics and insights techniques such as the use of neuroscience. During a recent Current Topics Seminar, Microsoft discussed their marketing strategy and use of competitive response modeling to attract new users to their mobile devices. In a class visit by Kimberly-Clark, students learned about behavioral economic approaches to understanding consumer decisions and the keys to using consumer data to measure brand equity. Hearing firsthand how classroom principles are applied by industry leaders provides practical insights into the marketing analytics and insights challenges you will face in your future career.

Photo of a marketing analytics and insights student
During a visit to SC Johnson's advertising agency, EnergyBBDO in Chicago, a marketing research student experiences The Nielsen Company's neuroscience tools while learning about advertising effectiveness.
Photo of full-time MBA student
A marketing analytics and insights student participates in a Current Topics Seminar. Classes are typically conversational in order to satisfy students' innate curiosity about consumer behavior and to leverage the professional experiences of both students and industry leaders.

Make a Strategic Impact With Marketing Analytics and Insights

You will have the opportunity to gather and analyze real consumer data and present insights to industry leaders as part of the Student Consulting Program. You will put into practice the research techniques you are learning to solve real marketing issues facing companies such as Kimberly-Clark and Orbitz. Past students have conducted social media listening for IBM, studied the use of emerging marketing research techniques such as gamification for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois, and led advanced analytic projects for General Mills. By gaining actual consulting experience using the latest marketing analytics and insights methods, you will have a competitive edge over others when it comes time to start a career.

Gain Global Insights

Program trips, both global and domestic, will take you to hotbeds of marketing analytics and insights and expose you to different consumer perspectives. A recent visit to Silicon Valley brought students to the offices of LinkedIn, Facebook, and eBay to learn how tech companies manage, interpret, and act upon the huge amounts of data produced in the digital age. During a trip to Guangzhou, China, marketing analytics and insights students conducted primary research for Dell by interviewing businesses on their technology needs, and saw firsthand how the differences in culture and infrastructure play a role in international business. The unique opportunity to engage with businesses and consumers from both a national and global perspective will provide you with valuable experience that will benefit you throughout your career.

Alison Heimert

“At the Wisconsin School of Business, learning continues outside the classroom. We went to Chicago to visit Conversant Media and PepsiCo to better understand how advanced analytics can drive the consumer experience. The companies were very different, but each discussed the importance of analytics and best practices for advertising campaigns and consumer targeting. I’m very excited to apply this to my summer internship, future projects, and classroom discussions.”

—Alison Heimert, MBA student
Global Consumer Insights Associate Intern, General Mills

Photo of Jose Garcia

“In our applied learning sessions I am able to learn about and discuss current, real-world marketing research challenges with experts on an ongoing basis. I know that having this exposure during my MBA career at Wisconsin will give me a true advantage when I begin my professional career.”

—Jose Garcia, MBA
Associate Brand Manager, Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Photo of Peter Wierenga

“My favorite part of this internship so far is the wide range of roles and opportunities to which I have had access. I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on qualitative research as it was happening, go to learning sessions on Eli Lilly’s marketing research tools/resources, and interact with some of the market research suppliers and vendors that Lilly works with.”

—Peter Wierenga, MBA
Associate Consultant, Eli Lilly

The Marketing Analytics and Insights Experience

Marketing analytics and insights students receive hands-on training, advice, and mentorship from industry leaders—along with rigorous class work and access to a close-knit community. Learn more about the day-to-day experience from current students.

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