Wisconsin MBA students in marketing research can count on the assistance of an active alumni network and an engaged external advisory board to complement their classroom learning with real-world examples and inspiration. Representing 30 of the top marketing-driven firms, advisory board members for the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research come to campus twice a year to discuss current industry trends. To make the industry connection more personalized, you will be assigned mentors from the board to assist in your career development through one-on-one meetings, mock interviews, speed networking events, and guidance on your student consulting project.

At the A.C. Nielsen Center's biennial Alumni and Friends Summit, you gain access to industry-leading firms and speakers discussing emerging issues and innovative techniques in the field of marketing research. Summit topics have covered new industry trends, storytelling and data visualization, and emerging technologies. From sessions on analyzing the neuroscience of choice, to implementing virtual reality in surveys, to the use of gamification to improve consumer engagement, the Alumni and Friends Summit brings you up to date on the cutting edge of marketing research and provides the opportunity to network with industry experts and alumni.

Learn more about our engaged community and advisory board below.

“General Mills has been involved in the A.C. Nielsen Center from day one. Our long-standing partnership has created a symbiotic relationship that benefits both of us, but certainly impacts General Mills insights function in a positive manner. Being on campus and having the students participating in the board meeting gives off tons of energy that recharges me.”

—Vidyotham Reddi
Former External Advisory Board Member and Director of Global Enablers, General Mills—Global Consumer Insights

Board Members