The Wisconsin MBA Program specialization in real estate will connect you with experts in everything from capital markets to development. The advisory board, composed of top real estate executives from across the country, will help grow your network and your career. Semi-annual board conferences hosted by the James A. Graaskamp Center for Real Estate provide the rare opportunity to network with the industry's elite company representatives. A separate AREIT advisory board of executives and investment managers guides you as you manage a $1.5 million investment trust.

In addition to engaged board members, students make connections to firms and industry leaders from around the globe via a 2,000-member strong alumni association. From networking opportunities to classroom guest speakers and from advisors to presenters at international conferences, our network of engaged leaders make up a powerful community that enhances your MBA experience and provides connections for a lifetime. Learn more about our network of professionals below.

Learn more about our network of professionals below.

Board Members