The Wisconsin MBA Program specialization in strategic human resource management is dedicated to creating an academic environment built around both academic excellence and applied learning experiences to prepare you for a management career.

You will create solutions for actual businesses during consulting projects, hear from guest speakers that include human resources executives, and learn from coursework that includes case studies in current human resources topics. The hands-on learning opportunities you experience in the Wisconsin MBA Program will help you anticipate and prepare for the demands of a high-level career in human resource management.

Advise Leading Companies

Consulting projects with global corporations are a cornerstone of the strategic human resource management specialization from the Wisconsin MBA Program. In a recent capstone consulting project for UW Health, an organization with 15,000 employees, students standardized position descriptions following a recent merger. Students led meetings with key stakeholders to produce documentation that aligns with long-term recruiting, employee engagement, and compensation initiatives.

Spectrum Brands enlisted students to find inefficiencies in their organizational structure. Students interviewed staff, created branding strategies, and summarized their recommendations for Spectrum Brands’ financial and human resource leadership. Collaborating with executives in leading industries to create innovative solutions to their human resources challenges is a hallmark of the strategic human resource management specialization from the Wisconsin MBA Program.

Nicole Chi applies coaching techniques learned during 2016 HR Summit.
MBA student Nicole Chi applies coaching techniques learned during the 2016 HR Summit.

Gain the Perspectives of Leading Professionals

Human resource professionals with a broad range of expertise regularly address Wisconsin MBA students, providing insights into the latest strategies and best practices. Speakers from leading companies such as Robert W. Baird & Co., American Family Insurance, Cisco, General Mills, GE Healthcare, and Exxon Mobil have shared their experiences in organizational restructuring, talent management, and human resources in an international context. Interactive discussions with human resources executives are one of several ways the curriculum uses experiential learning to prepare students for careers in leading corporations.

Develop Real-world Solutions

The strategic human resource management specialization from the Wisconsin MBA Program integrates a variety of field and cases studies. Coursework in staffing and evaluation, compensation, negotiation, and labor relations incorporates case studies of successful businesses. Field work enables you to study the issues human resources managers face every day. During a recent field study with UW Credit Union, credit union management and Wisconsin MBA students assessed the two systems used to evaluate employee performance. Students then developed strategies to better use performance information in leadership development. Hands-on learning experiences like these prepare you to address the challenges of tomorrow.

Mark Esselman speaking at the 2016 HR  Summit on the evolution of human resources.
Mark Esselman, senior vice president of global human resources at Buckeye Partners L.P., speaks on the evolution of the human resources field at the 2016 HR Summit.
Strategic Human Resource Management MBA students participating the 2016 HR Summit.
Wisconsin MBA students in strategic human resource management participate in the 2016 HR Summit at the Wisconsin School of Business.
Photo of Kasia Orlowska

“My core business and HR classes, and required teamwork, really prepared me to handle any tasks at my internship with Bloom Energy. I was successfully able to navigate working with several different groups; I knew what questions to ask, how to frame information, and how to make contributions to the business. I continue to apply the education and skills learned in the Wisconsin MBA Program to my full-time HR role daily.”

—Kasia Orlowska, MBA, Technical Sourcing Recruiter, Amazon Web Services

Brad Zemp

“My first-year HR consulting project was a great experience because it allowed our team to work on a real-world assignment with experienced HR professionals. In an ever-increasing digital world, our team explored several online resources that will allow Homesite employees to receive training as new situations and expectations develop.”

—Brad Zemp, MBA

Photo of Fatima Barry

“I value the support the Wisconsin MBA has given. As a student, I had the support of my professors who shared insights about how to better approach some of my most complex projects, and I continue to apply many concepts from my classes to my full-time HR career.”

—Fatima Barry, MBA, Talent Management Specialist, Owens Corning

The Strategic Human Resource Management Experience

Every semester, strategic human resource management students receive hands-on training and expert advice from senior executives. These applied learning sessions prepare our graduates to tackle some of the industry's most pressing challenges.

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