The core curriculum reflects an integrated approach to the key functional areas of business and essential managerial skills. This foundation prepares you not only for your career move, but also for future promotions into management and leadership.

As you move through this curriculum, you will have opportunities to work in cross-functional teams and learn from the professional experiences of your peers, who bring varied backgrounds to the program.

Academic coursework in a career specialization begins in your first year. Unlike many other MBA programs that require waiting periods, the Wisconsin MBA Program enables you to take classes in your area of interest right away. Early preparation in your specialization enables you to make the most of experiential learning opportunities; it also makes you more effective in a summer internship. Ultimately, this becomes an advantage when you enter full-time employment.

Many Wisconsin MBA students travel to locations around the country to complete summer internships between their first and second years.

In the second year, you and a close-knit group of peers will focus on your area of specialization, taking elective courses and participating in real-world learning opportunities. Studying with others who share your interests—including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business leaders—leads to rapid gains in knowledge and skills (in addition to establishing a close-knit network).

Flexibility Expands Your Options

Each career specialization offers electives or tracks that allow you to customize your MBA education to your interests and goals. Some Wisconsin MBA students choose electives from the immense breadth of options offered through the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

You can also focus on an area of interest to you by pursuing one or more graduate-level certificates in topics such as sustainability, strategic innovation, and entrepreneurship.

General Management Core Curriculum

Year 1

First Semester

  • Marketing Management
  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Data to Decisions
  • Leading and Working in Teams
  • Introduction to Financial Reporting and Analysis

Second Semester

  • Economics for Managers
  • Strategy
  • Operations Management

Year 2

First Semester

  • Ethics, Integrity and Society

The core curriculum is combined with coursework and applied learning experiences in your chosen specialization to provide career preparation that is both broad and deep. To see a full two-year curriculum by specialization, visit the corresponding career specialization page.