Hands-on learning experiences that engage you in real-world business problems are an integral part of the Wisconsin MBA Program. This experiential learning prepares you for the challenges you will encounter in your career, boosts your leadership skills, and enhances your marketability.

Experiential learning opportunities are woven throughout the two-year curriculum. Some prepare you for the workplace by involving you in cross-functional teams. Others give you a true insider’s perspective by engaging you in an in-depth project in your area of specialization.

Bring Focus to Your Hands-On Learning

The career specializations in the Wisconsin MBA Program are uniquely equipped to deliver customized, focused learning experiences. You will work on projects with real deliverables that have an actual impact on an organization’s performance. Often, these involve companies or organizations that partner with the Wisconsin School of Business in order to work with our MBA students.

Faculty and staff members, who bring their own real-world knowledge to bear, structure these experiences for maximum benefit to both the students and the corporate partners. Business managers and leaders—many of whom are alumni themselves—interact with students in workshops, classes, and project work, creating a dynamic community of current and future practitioners.

Joe Ostrander

“Our Experiential Learning class has the privilege of working with brand managers and other professionals from Fortune 500 companies, discussing real-world topics and scenarios that relate to our future careers. We’re very fortunate to have these incredible learning experiences that prepare us for summer internships and full-time positions.”

—Joe Ostrander, MBA
Co-Founder/Managing Member, The Illuminus Property Group