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Camaraderie and Community Enhance Student Life

The collaborative, engaged community you will find at the Wisconsin School of Business makes for a rich MBA experience outside of the classroom. Students typically form strong friendships based not only on common interests, but also on shared experiences.

Students in the Wisconsin MBA Program enjoy the added enrichment of being part of a diverse community where inclusion is a shared value. This provides an opportunity to learn—both in and out of the classroom—from different perspectives. By developing cultural competence, students prepare to be effective team members, managers, and leaders in their companies and communities.

Engage with Others Right from The Start

The community-building begins with the Wisconsin MBA Experience, a week-long orientation program for entering students. By participating in team-building exercises and social events, you will get to know your classmates as individuals.

The Wisconsin MBA Experience sharpens your skills in important areas such as business communication, strategy, and teamwork. Optional sessions on mathematics are available to those who wish to strengthen their quantitative skills. The benefits of this experience also go beyond the academic, as you are welcomed into the friendly, challenging, and cooperative community at the Wisconsin School of Business.

A majority of Wisconsin MBA students participate in at least one student organization during their years here. Student organizations and other extracurricular activities allow you to be as active in this community as you'd like.

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Student Profile

MBA Class of 2017




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Where Incoming Students Resided

MBA Class of 2017

Region map

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Color Region % of Total Class
Gold Midwest 52%
Red Northeast 9%
Green West 8%
Navy South 6%
Grey Mid-Atlantic 4%
Blue Southwest 2%
International: Asia, Europe, North America (Canada), South America 19%
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