At the Wisconsin School of Business, you will receive individualized support for your personal and professional goals from faculty, staff, corporate partners, and a diverse mix of students in your cohort group.

Students describe our culture as collaborative, authentic, challenging, and focused on achievement. The MBA experience is competitive, yet it is delivered within the framework of a supportive, engaged community.

You will be part of a close-knit group of approximately 50 students who study the general management core curriculum together, and an even smaller group of fellow students in your area of specialization. As a result, you will have easy and direct access to all the resources the Wisconsin School of Business has to offer, both in and outside the classroom.

Build a Lasting Network

The lifelong network you will form will be an asset throughout your career. The varied work experiences your fellow MBA students bring to the program will expose you to different industries and broaden your perspective.

Alumni of the Wisconsin School of Business are extraordinarily supportive of each other and the School. When you graduate, you join a worldwide network of proud Business Badgers who readily call upon each other for new ideas, shared opportunities, and employment connections.


“If we need help finding direction, the alumni are there to guide us along our own unique career paths.”

—Adam Boone
Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

Hear students describe the culture and community at the Wisconsin School of Business.