Mitchell Jung

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business

MBA Graduation Year: 2016

Specialization: Real Estate

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Internship: Spaulding & Slye Investments; Boston, Massachusetts

Current Job: Associate at Northwestern Mutual Real Estate; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mitchell started his career as a commercial real estate appraiser in San Francisco but set his sights on a more strategic role in real estate investment. Unsure about the best way to achieve his goal, Mitchell sought the advice of co-workers and UW–Madison alumni. It became clear that an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business was the answer. His immersive Wisconsin MBA education and a successful internship in Boston provided a fast track for Mitchell to expand his career. He is now exactly where he wants to be—thriving in real estate investment.

When I did my homework, it was clear that the Wisconsin MBA would give me a holistic business education plus the specialized skills I needed for real estate investment. I visited the Madison campus, shadowed a class, met students and faculty, and spent time with the real estate program director. The leading-edge real estate focus, Big Ten campus, and WSB’s top-ranked ROI made Wisconsin the right choice for me.

The Wisconsin School of Business specialization model provides a tailored experience led by faculty who are well-published real estate academics. The real estate courses began immediately in year one so I was well prepared to interview for and earn the summer internship with Spaulding and Slye Investments. The new head of the investment group had hired three Wisconsin graduates at his previous company and knew Wisconsin’s reputation for preparing top candidates.

I have access to the national WSB alumni network, which is invaluable for advancing my career and is a big part of the exceptional ROI of the program. In addition, the real estate specialization has its own advisory board and alumni association with highly engaged alumni. I had great experiences with alumni who were extremely receptive and willing to meet, give general career advice, and talk about their own career paths. They were instrumental in helping me craft the ideal plan for my career.

Highly engaged alumni continue to be invaluable for advancing my career and are a significant part of the exceptional ROI of the program.

—Mitchell Jung

I was able to take advantage of targeted applied learning experiences that took us out of the classroom to learn firsthand how our studies applied in practice. Some of the many opportunities included the MIPIM International Real Estate Expo Conference in Cannes, France; a biweekly speaker series featuring real estate alumni and other industry leaders; an annual real estate trends conference hosted by the School that attracts hundreds of alumni and other attendees, offering exceptional networking opportunities.

Small class sizes at Wisconsin enhance your learning and encourage a really a tight-knit, diverse community of students who study together and support each other’s success—a format that mimics the kind of collaboration required for success in the workplace. If I had landed at a different school, I would have been in much larger classes and a more competitive environment. At Wisconsin, everyone is there for the sake of learning. Professors know everyone by name and encourage visits during office hours. You get this exceptional support plus all the benefits of a large, Big Ten school.