Zelda Fitriasih

Zelda Fitriasih

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business

MBA Graduation Year: 2016

Specialization: Strategic Human Resource Management

Hometown: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Before Wisconsin School of Business: HR Professional at Bank Mandiri Ltd.

After Graduation: Senior HR staff at Bank Mandiri Ltd.

Given the evolving role of human resources, Zelda Fitriasih wanted a foundation in business and management to serve her employer, the largest bank in Indonesia, as a strategic business partner. The bank sponsored Zelda’s graduate program to enhance her skills for an upcoming bank expansion and beyond. Zelda identified the Wisconsin School of Business as her top MBA option because of its unique specialization model, which allowed her to focus on Human Resource Management.

The Wisconsin MBA will definitely propel me in my chosen field while I develop the fundamentals of business management. I am honing my expertise in my field and gaining expert skills to align human resources strategy with business strategy in the global competitive environment.

The professors actually know who you are given our small class sizes. They have more time to provide constructive feedback on our individual work. I have greater opportunity to ask questions and to participate in discussions, which is an integral part of the classroom experience here. Small classes also make it easier to develop deeper and meaningful relationships with classmates and faculty.

In team assignments and class participations, we come together with different backgrounds, skills and expertise across different specializations. Together we learn about the dynamics of the business world, and at the same time we pursue our specializations. We collaborate, offering our expertise in our specific field to support team learning.

The best way to learn is by doing. In the human resources management Capstone, we applied skills acquired during our MBA experience to projects with real companies and clients. It allowed us to integrate theory and practical experience to offer real-world solutions. We also get to learn from experienced HR experts who come to share their knowledge and experience about HR best practices. In one applied learning project I worked with a client to ensure employment practices complied with federal and state laws. I gained a better understanding of employment practices, including development of affirmative action plans that promote a healthy, diverse, and productive workplace.

Having a Wisconsin MBA degree with expertise in a specific field makes me unique and definitely opens more doors for my career.

—Zelda Fitriasih

The Graduate Business Association (GBA) provides programs and events that connect students and help build meaningful friendships. I often go to the weekly Thursdays after Professional Studies (TAPS). I went to the Spring Ball and Halloween party, and took part in community service events, like MBAs with a Heart. During my break last year I took up acrylic painting. I joined the Artful Business Collective, which arranged an art showcase. One of my paintings is on display in the HR specialization office.

My career outlook and knowledge of global business have certainly changed. As an international student I have had a valuable opportunity to experience and adjust to a totally different custom, culture, and life. The challenges I overcame during my MBA experience have boosted my self-confidence and enhanced my positive outlook on my career. Having a Wisconsin MBA degree with expertise in a specific field makes me unique and definitely opens more doors for my career. Being surrounded with intelligent people in a collaborative environment has given me in-depth knowledge about various industries I once knew very little about.