High-achieving Wisconsin MBA students share a passion for collaboration

The Wisconsin MBA Program brings together students from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. The qualities they share include talent, drive, and a desire to participate in a collaborative learning experience. In this environment, your fellow peers will inspire you to succeed and become part of a network you can tap into for the rest of your career.

You can get to know a few of the individuals who comprise our lifelong MBA community by reading their stories here. For an overview of the entire Wisconsin Full-Time MBA student body by the numbers, see our class profile.

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Feeling at Home While Building on My Career

Angela Lee (MBA ’20) graduated in economics from National Taipei University and joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as an audit associate, which led to a passion to work on the client side of finance. Angela strengthened her analytic and general management skills by earning an MBA in corporate finance and investment banking. The knowledge she gained in her first year earned her an internship at Alcon, where she developed a modeling method that is still used company-wide.

Become a Leader in the Field of Your Dreams

Vicky Schetelich (MBA ’20) always aspired to leadership. With her career underway, she discovered a passion for building strategies guided by customer insights. In the Wisconsin MBA Program she is specializing in brand and product management. In her very first week, Vicky got hands-on experience that helped her earn an internship at Intuit, where she will also launch her marketing career after graduation.

Male MBA student Terry Brimley stands with arms folded in a school

Launch a New Career Path

Terry Brimley (MBA ’20) chose to earn an MBA to bolster his strategic skills and grow his business network. In the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA, in addition to getting a strong business education, he has taken advantage of leadership opportunities through the School’s Consortium affiliation and strong career services support and has completed a productive internship. Wisconsin is exceeding his expectations.

Taking a Family Business to New Levels of Success

Rebecca Schulenburg (MBA ’20) worked in leadership at her parents’ Harley-Davidson dealership and pursued an MBA to add value, lead growth, and continue the family legacy. Since business success can depend on attracting and retaining great employees, she chose the Wisconsin MBA with a specialization in strategic human resource management to get a strong general graduate business education with a deep dive into human resources.

Wisconsin MBA studetn Bailey Hackbarth, in a suit jacket, leans against a counter at the School.

Open the Door to Your Ideal Career

Bailey Hackbarth (MBA ’20) knew he would need more than his liberal arts degree and experience as a Naval officer to land the top marketing career he envisioned. He chose the Wisconsin MBA with a specialization in brand and product management and added a certificate in business analytics. Bailey will soon be heading to General Mills as an associate brand manager.

A female MBA student stands

Build on Experience to Reach New Career Heights

Komal Singh (MBA '19) chose the specialized Wisconsin MBA to build on her computer science and engineering training and advance her career. Wisconsin's well-rounded program prepared her for success in a new business area: operations and technology management.

MBA student leans on a railing at the School

Earn a Strategic Role in a New Field

Gabriel Moss (MBA ‘19) had a career managing engineering and architectural projects but wanted to earn an MBA to expand his skills to succeed in more strategic roles. He has made the career pivot he was after, securing a leadership position at Microsoft in Seattle.

Specialize to Communicate Commitment to Employers

Aggie Howland (MBA ‘19) wanted to shift from business-to-business public relations to an in-house marketing role. She knew a specialized MBA would assure hiring employers of her commitment to the field. And as her career grows, Aggie will be able to market herself with or without the specialization, expanding her options.

Full-time MBA student Jared Shoemaker sits near a window with a view of a building

Fast-Track to a Successful Career Switch

Jared Shoemaker (MBA ’19) was a civil engineer and chose to switch careers when his client contacts inspired a passion for real estate. The specialization in the Wisconsin MBA provided the skills and knowledge he needed to jump industries. Jared started real estate classes day one and values the collaborative personality of the program and the exceptional networking opportunities.

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