High-achieving Wisconsin MBA students share a passion for collaboration

The Wisconsin MBA Program brings together students from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. The qualities they share include talent, drive, and a desire to participate in a collaborative learning experience. In this environment, your fellow peers will inspire you to succeed and become part of a network you can tap into for the rest of your career.

You can get to know a few of the individuals who comprise our lifelong MBA community by reading their stories here. For an overview of the entire Wisconsin Full-Time MBA student body by the numbers, see our class profile.

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Specialize to Communicate Commitment to Employers

Aggie Howland (MBA ‘19) wanted to shift from business-to-business public relations to an in-house marketing role. She knew a specialized MBA would assure hiring employers of her commitment to the field. And as her career grows, Aggie will be able to market herself with or without the specialization, expanding her options.

Prepare for Your Ideal Career

Patrick Stahl (MBA ’19) had a career in finance and a passion for cars. He chose the specialized brand and product management program in the Wisconsin MBA to switch careers and is crafting a career path in the automotive industry. Patrick earned an internship at Jeep, which led to a full-time offer there after graduation.

Donovan Walker

Develop Broad Skills, Lead Diverse Teams

Donovan Walker (MBA '19) had a career in retail and hospitality, interspersed with worldwide travel and the Peace Corps. He is honing skills by leading diverse, cross-functional teams and adding solid business knowledge to set himself apart in the marketplace.

Melissa Abney

Prepare for Marketing Leadership

Melissa Abney (MBA '19) found the perfect fit in the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program. The opportunity to specialize in her preferred marketing field was a key deciding factor. She values the School’s longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion in business education and corporate leadership.

Julianna Masterton

Grow Leadership Skills to Make an Impact

The Wisconsin MBA Program is helping Julianna Masterton (MBA '18) fill knowledge gaps to qualify for opportunities that had been out of reach. The tailored brand management program at Wisconsin is giving her a solid business foundation with hands-on brand expertise. Julianna is building connections with classmates, enjoying valuable support from faculty experts, and getting unparalleled access to recruiters.

Brandon Shields

Fast-Track From Marine to Marketing Professional

Brandon Shields (MBA '17) served in the Marine Corps, including in Afghanistan. He was honorably discharged and began crafting his new future, which he is building for himself and his toddler son.

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