High-achieving Wisconsin MBA students share a passion for collaboration

The Wisconsin MBA Program brings together students from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. The qualities they share include talent, drive, and a desire to participate in a collaborative learning experience. In this environment, your fellow peers will inspire you to succeed and become part of a network you can tap into for the rest of your career.

You can get to know a few of the individuals who comprise our lifelong MBA community by reading their stories here. For an overview of the entire Wisconsin Full-Time MBA student body by the numbers, see our class profile.

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Male MBA student Terry Brimley stands with arms folded in a school

Launch a New Career Path

Terry Brimley (MBA ’20) chose to earn an MBA to bolster his strategic skills and grow his business network. In the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA, in addition to getting a strong business education, he has taken advantage of leadership opportunities through the School’s Consortium affiliation and strong career services support and has completed a productive internship. Wisconsin is exceeding his expectations.

Add Specialized Skills and Inspire Others

Brent Carcamo (MBA ’19) is broadening his skills with a specialization in operations and technology management. He is honing his business acumen to add value to his employers and inspire other students from disadvantaged backgrounds to set high success goals and give back to their communities.

Donovan Walker

Develop Broad Skills, Lead Diverse Teams

Donovan Walker (MBA '19) had a career in retail and hospitality, interspersed with worldwide travel and the Peace Corps. He is honing skills by leading diverse, cross-functional teams and adding solid business knowledge to set himself apart in the marketplace.

Melissa Abney

Land a Strategic Role at a Fortune 500 Company

Melissa Abney (MBA '19) found the perfect fit in the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program. The opportunity to specialize in her preferred marketing field was a key deciding factor. She values the School’s longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion in business education and corporate leadership.

Marcus Alston

Foster Inclusion to Impact Strategy

Marcus Alston (MBA '19) experienced an effective employee culture and wanted to expand his skills to directly impact employee experience. The strategic human resource management specialization at Wisconsin. Hands-on experience consulting with actual companies is providing exceptional experience as he switches to an HR career.

Azucena Flores

Gain Comprehensive Leadership Skills

Azucena Flores (MBA '17) wanted to make a bigger impact on the insurance industry and determined an MBA was the best way to gain broad business skills. UW-Madison was the perfect fit to help Azucena advance. The risk management and insurance specialization offers a targeted curriculum and real-world consulting projects so she can gain real expertise in insurance operations and finance.

Zena Stephens

Build Broad Business Skills to Lead in HR

Zena Stephens’ (MBA '17) career goal is to lead talent management, acquisition, and retention for a Fortune 500 corporation. She needed to get skills only an MBA could provide in order to move into strategic HR. The Wisconsin MBA program with a specialization in human resource management was the ideal fit for Zena to get broad business knowledge plus a deep focus on HR to prepare for the exact career she wants.

Camille Clark

Apply Real-World Strategies

Camille Clark’s (MBA '17) first career in pricing and managing for the retail sector led to a position as a product planning manager in global media commerce, which was rewarding but very niche. To gain deeper knowledge of consumer goods and products, as well as the service industry, Camille decided to pursue an MBA specializing Marketing Research to further her leadership skills.

Brandon Shields

Fast-Track From Marine to Marketing Professional

Brandon Shields (MBA '17) served in the Marine Corps, including in Afghanistan. He was honorably discharged and began crafting his new future, which he is building for himself and his toddler son.

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