High-achieving Wisconsin MBA students share a passion for collaboration

The Wisconsin MBA Program brings together students from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. The qualities they share include talent, drive, and a desire to participate in a collaborative learning experience. In this environment, your fellow peers will inspire you to succeed and become part of a network you can tap into for the rest of your career.

You can get to know a few of the individuals who comprise our lifelong MBA community by reading their stories here. For an overview of the entire Wisconsin Full-Time MBA student body by the numbers, see our class profile.

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Feeling at Home While Building on My Career

Angela Lee (MBA ’20) graduated in economics from National Taipei University and joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as an audit associate, which led to a passion to work on the client side of finance. Angela strengthened her analytic and general management skills by earning an MBA in corporate finance and investment banking. The knowledge she gained in her first year earned her an internship at Alcon, where she developed a modeling method that is still used company-wide.

A female MBA student stands

Build on Experience to Reach New Career Heights

Komal Singh (MBA '19) chose the specialized Wisconsin MBA to build on her computer science and engineering training and advance her career. Wisconsin's well-rounded program prepared her for success in a new business area: operations and technology management.

Ellen Chen

Develop High-Level Strategic HR Skills

Ellen Chen (MBA '19) is taking her career to new heights by adding comprehensive business knowledge and high-level strategic thinking in the Wisconsin MBA's HR specialization. Leadership opportunities, classmate camaraderie, and applied learning experience add career value.

Vania Arias Alosilla

Make an Impact on the Future

After operating her own business in Peru for three years, Vania Arias Alosilla (MBA '18) wanted to learn more. She joined the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program to gain skills to advance her career and have a greater impact on business and on society. Specializing in supply chain management while learning critical skills in areas like marketing and sustainability, Vania is creating a new path.

Rajat Mahajan

Gain Supply Chain Expertise and Leadership Skills

Rajat Mahajan (MBA '17) wanted a holistic supply chain education that covered the full spectrum from sourcing through downstream supply chain effects. The specialized, fully integrated program at Wisconsin is exceeding his expectations. Rajat has found the specialization program takes collaboration to great heights. Students know their specific career focus from day one, which encourages support rather than competition. And the varied backgrounds across all ten specializations is offering valuable and diverse professional perspectives.

Ena Vijay

Bridge Cultural Gap to Expand Career Options

Ena Vijay (MBA '17) pursued an MBA to expand her career technically and geographically. She chose Wisconsin because of its specialization model, which is giving her deep training in finance on top of a general management foundation. As an international student, she sees her Wisconsin MBA as the key to bridging cultural gaps, providing a broad international perspective, and building a strong professional network.

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