High-achieving Wisconsin MBA students share a passion for collaboration

The Wisconsin MBA Program brings together students from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives. The qualities they share include talent, drive, and a desire to participate in a collaborative learning experience. In this environment, your fellow peers will inspire you to succeed and become part of a network you can tap into for the rest of your career.

You can get to know a few of the individuals who comprise our lifelong MBA community by reading their stories here. For an overview of the entire Wisconsin Full-Time MBA student body by the numbers, see our class profile.

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A female MBA student stands

Build on Experience to Reach New Career Heights

Komal Singh (MBA '19) chose the specialized Wisconsin MBA to build on her computer science and engineering training and advance her career. Wisconsin's well-rounded program prepared her for success in a new business area: operations and technology management.

MBA student leans on a railing at the School

Earn a Strategic Role in a New Field

Gabriel Moss (MBA ‘19) had a career managing engineering and architectural projects but wanted to earn an MBA to expand his skills to succeed in more strategic roles. He has made the career pivot he was after, securing a leadership position at Microsoft in Seattle.

Add Specialized Skills and Inspire Others

Brent Carcamo (MBA ’19) is broadening his skills with a specialization in operations and technology management. He is honing his business acumen to add value to his employers and inspire other students from disadvantaged backgrounds to set high success goals and give back to their communities.

Dan Szatkowski

Leverage Military Experience in Business

Dan Szatkowski (MBA '19) is building on leadership experience gained in the U.S. Army for a business career in operations. He’s gaining invaluable business insights into how internal collaboration and obtaining customer perspectives are essential for corporate success.

Ben St. John

Broad Vision Leads to Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Ben St. John (MBA '18) wanted to change his career to work in corporate environmental responsibility so he could affect issues he is truly passionate about. He knew he needed an MBA to make the transition from his work in investment product consulting. Since starting the program he has already built on his undergraduate engineering degree with a strong business base, exceptional leadership skills, and solid tech knowledge. Ben gained critical sought-after skills in the Wisconsin MBA that have positioned him to become a leader who can affect change.

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