Business students working together

Learning Community

Students in WSB’s MBA programs form close bonds and business connections. Several former MBA students have founded organizations together. Students learn from the diverse backgrounds of their classmates and apply insights from their work to their own.

Committed to Diversity

The Wisconsin School of Business believes that a diverse and inclusive learning community creates an enriching experience for students, faculty, and alumni, providing many opportunities to experience different perspectives and learn from each other.

The School was one of the first in the nation to recognize the business case for diversity in MBA education. The University of Wisconsin–Madison was one of three founding members of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a non-profit organization founded in 1956 to promote diversity in education and business.

Binnu Palta Hill speaking to students

Binnu Palta Hill, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

A Global Community

The global nature of our community—which brings together students, faculty, staff, and alumni from around the world—encourages students to develop cultural competence and prepares them for success in the world economy.

Student Support

Forté Sponsor School

Forté provides support for women at all stages of their careers to enhance their business acumen. Forté strives to increase the number of women applying to and enrolling in MBA programs by providing educational opportunities, networking and mentoring events, as well as professional conferences.

Incoming Wisconsin MBA women may participate in Forté events such as the MBA Women’s Leadership Conference and MBA Financial Services FAST Track. Students also gain professional development opportunities through webinars and have access to Forté’s job center.


Military Applicants

The Wisconsin Professional MBA Program can be an excellent fit for students with military experience. A military background brings leadership, organizational, and analytical skills that are directly applicable to the MBA curriculum.

If you are in active or reserve duty or you are a military veteran, you will find that the Wisconsin MBA curriculum enhances your military experience, preparing you for significant management or leadership responsibilities in a civilian career.

The Post 9/11 GI Bill will pay tuition expenses for military veterans who qualify, although it may only cover a certain amount. The Veterans Services & Military Assistance Center at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is able to assist with questions about military benefits.

Military applicants may apply for admission without a GMAT or GRE score if certain requirements are met. Complete the waiver application to request a GMAT/GRE waiver. Candidates admitted with the GMAT/GRE waiver are not eligible for merit-based aid.

Additional Benefits

Meet Influential Leaders

The M. Keith Weikel MBA Leadership Speaker Series brings notable business executives and other thought leaders to the Wisconsin School of Business to share their experiences and insights. These widely attended events bring together the entire WSB community, providing an opportunity to network with MBA students, alumni, industry leaders, and the guest speakers themselves.

Join a Strong Alumni Network

Business Badgers are known for being extraordinarily supportive of each other and the Wisconsin School of Business. When you graduate, you become part of this tight-knit network of more than 44,000+ Business Badgers worldwide.


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