The University of Wisconsin–Madison is a world-class university, nationally and internationally recognized for academic excellence, incredible students, and inspiring faculty. As a student in the undergraduate business program, you will have access to the academic and co-curricular resources of the entire university, combined with the personalized experience of being a Business Badger. It's like having the best of both worlds.

The curriculum for the Wisconsin BBA Program incorporates a foundation in the liberal arts with a business education, including focused coursework in ten majors. The liberal arts foundation—including courses taken outside of the Wisconsin School of Business—develops your skills in thinking critically, analyzing problems, generating creative solutions, and communicating effectively. These are all skills top employers seek when filling positions with strong potential for advancement.

At the same time, you'll graduate with specialized knowledge in your field of interest, gained from top-notch faculty and real-world learning experiences. It all adds up to an educational experience that prepares you for career success.

Integrate Classroom Learning with Direct Experience

Wisconsin BBA students are expected to apply learning inside and outside the traditional classroom in ways that have a positive impact on the world. Known as the Wisconsin Experience, this principle draws upon opportunities ranging from conducting research to embracing entrepreneurship to developing multicultural competence. By applying classroom learning in both curricular and co-curricular settings, you will build your résumé and gain practical experience in using your business skills.

“To me, academic excellence at the Wisconsin School of Business is apparent in the quality of its faculty and students. I learned from incredibly talented and industry-smart teachers who pushed me to challenge the expectations I had for myself.”

—Nikita Sabade, BBA

Be Part of an Engaging Academic Experience

The academic experience in the Wisconsin BBA Program is rigorous, but it is also supportive. We believe in creating a community of learners who encourage each other while focusing on achievement. Students explore their areas of career interest together in a personal, small group setting, particularly once they are focused on their majors. While there are challenges, competitive academic experiences are always friendly in spirit. Students are supported by professors and our academic advising staff.

Learn from World-Class Faculty

Our faculty members are leaders in their respective fields, known for their research and innovation. They are also dedicated teachers who want to help you succeed. At the Wisconsin School of Business, you'll have the opportunity to interact directly with your professors. Our ratio of undergraduate students to instructors is 17-to-1, and as you progress through the program, you will be in smaller classes averaging less than 30 students per class. Lively discussion sessions among faculty and students engage you in active learning.

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