As a student in the Wisconsin School of Business Undergraduate Program, you’ll work directly with academic advisors who will help you plan your business education every step of the way. The advisors are here to help you explore your options, define your academic and career goals, and accomplish what you set out to achieve during your time as a Business Badger and beyond.

Advisors in the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program work in partnership with you. We give you the tools and support you need to make your own decisions about the course of your education and career preparation.

Undergraduate Advising Center Offers Complete Services

Academic advisors in the Wisconsin School of Business Undergraduate Program partner with career advisors and study abroad advisors to ensure students receive integrated and comprehensive guidance based on their unique needs and overall goals.

Students admitted to the Undergraduate Program are encouraged to check in with their academic advisor at least once a year to ensure they are on track to accomplish their academic goals. The Undergraduate academic advisors also has a team of fellow student staff members, or academic peer advisors, who hold drop-in hours to connect with students and help students address their academic questions.  Even UW–Madison students who are not yet enrolled in the Wisconsin School of Business Undergraduate Program but who expect to apply through the pre-business admissions process receive their business advising at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Your academic advisor will have specialized knowledge of your business major(s). They also work closely with faculty in the corresponding academic department(s) to ensure that you’re receiving the most up-to-date information about your field of interest.

Begin Your Academic Journey with Business SOAR

Your partnership with the advising team begins early in your academic career at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. When you enroll in the UW–Madison, one of your first steps will be to attend Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR), where you will have your first meeting with an academic advisor. You can learn more about academic advising at SOAR here.

Once you declare a major, you will be assigned a new advisor who brings specialized knowledge in your field of study.

Business Learning Center and Other Resources

The Business Learning Center provides small-group academic support for quantitative business courses, helping students reinforce their understanding of materials presented in the classroom and excel in their studies. The center also offers class-specific resources for supported courses. In addition to registering for tutorials through the Business Learning Center, students find the drop-in office hours helpful.

Academic support is also available at the Business Library in Grainger Hall, where the staff helps connect students to a wealth of online and print resources for class research.

Wisconsin Undergraduate students also have access to campus-wide academic resources that provide tutoring and learning support services. Students with disabilities can receive expert accommodation advising and help with adaptive or assistance technologies from the McBurney Disability Resource Center at UW–Madison.