You can enhance your degree and increase your competitiveness in the job market with a certificate from the Wisconsin School of Business. These offerings allow you to explore a specific interest and integrate that new knowledge with the rest of your undergraduate education.

The Undergraduate Advising Center offers assistance in determining how a certificate can support your academic and career goals. Advising is available for both Wisconsin Undergraduate students and non-business UW–Madison students interested in a Certificate in Business or Entrepreneurship.


Certificate in Business (for Non-Business Majors)

The Certificate in Business is designed for non-business students who wish to earn a concentration in a clearly defined academic program in business. Students develop a foundational understanding of business that they can then apply to a specific field. Popular majors to pair with the Certificate in Business include journalism, psychology, engineering, consumer science, life sciences communication, and international studies.

A Certificate in Business can enhance a student’s preparedness for a career in wide range of fields, including business, banking and finance, education, engineering, the non-profit sector, health care, and more.

This certificate program cannot be combined with business majors. The program consists of six courses for a total of 18 credits. A separate application is required.

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Summer Certificate in Business Fundamentals (for Non-Business Majors)

The Summer Certificate in Business Fundamentals provides basic business education to students majoring outside of the Wisconsin School of Business. This 4-course, 12-credit certificate is designed to be completed over multiple summer terms with in-person and online course options, making it a flexible option if you are seeking fundamental business knowledge.

This program is only available for non-business majors, and you may enroll at any time.

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Certificate in Entrepreneurship (for Non-Business Majors)

This certificate program offers a distinct bundle of courses that span business entrepreneurship courses and the curricula of several colleges and schools at UW–Madison. Entrepreneurship in this context refers to the process of imagining opportunities and taking action to create value through new ventures.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed to prepare students for future roles as entrepreneurs. The coursework emphasizes skills in entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. Students also analyze the role of entrepreneurship in society.

The certificate is open to undergraduate students who have home departments outside of the Wisconsin School of Business. Business undergraduates with an interest in entrepreneurship may wish to consider a major in management and human resources with a focus on entrepreneurship.

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Capstone Certificate in Actuarial Science

The Capstone Certificate in Actuarial Science is a tailored program designed to prepare students for their career as an actuary. The program teaches the actuarial concepts that will equip students to pass the preliminary professional actuarial exams accepted by the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society. Students also learn the practical application of these concepts, experiencing real-world learning opportunities through contact with professionals currently working in actuarial science, risk management, and insurance.

The actuarial science program at the Wisconsin School of Business is designated as a Center of Actuarial Excellence by the Society of Actuaries. Graduates of UW–Madison’s actuarial science program are highly recruited by prospective employers.

Students have the flexibility to choose either a full-time or part-time learning track. The program consists of five classes. A separate application is required.

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Language Certificates

Studying a foreign language can be the perfect complement to a major in business. Wisconsin Undergraduate students are encouraged to add a foreign language certificate to their studies. Language majors are also available for those who wish to pursue a double major. More than 40 languages are taught through the UW–Madison College of Letters and Science each semester.

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