Staff and peer advisors at the Wisconsin School of Business are here to provide knowledge and support as you follow your path to the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program. We’re available to help you prepare for admission and determine if the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program is the best fit for you.

Admissions Advising for Current UW–Madison Students

Pre-Business Academics and Admissions Advising Sessions

The Wisconsin Undergraduate Program hosts information sessions and workshops for current UW–Madison students throughout the year.

  • Learn about everything the Wisconsin School of Business has to offer.
  • Understand the admissions process.
  • Get help selecting courses.
  • Connect with both pre-business advising staff members and peer advisors.
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Pre-Business One-on-One Advising

During the academic year, drop-in advising is available Monday through Friday, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in 3150 Grainger Hall.

At any time, you may go to Starfish to schedule a 15-30 minute appointment with a pre-business advisor.

  • Explore majors.
  • Plan future semesters.
  • Prepare for study abroad.
  • Discuss challenges you’re facing in class.
  • Discuss non-academic factors affecting academics.
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Connect by Email

Current UW–Madison students who are preparing to apply through the pre-business process are welcome to send quick “yes or no”-type questions to Include your student ID number and your email address. We will reply within one business day.


Admissions Advising for Transfer Students

Additional Resources

UW Writing Center

The UW Writing Center conducts the Pre-Business 103 workshop, which focuses on crafting a professional essay. Outside of this group session, the Writing Center is a University resources offering guidance and advice for course writing assignments.

McBurney Disability Resource Center

Students with disabilities eligible for testing accommodations through the McBurney Disability Resource Center should contact Ruben Mota at as soon as possible, but no later than March 1, to discuss any accommodations that might be needed in the application process. This is especially recommended for students using adaptive technology devices. Please note that accommodations may not be possible after March 1.