If you’re a high school student or transfer student who wants to learn all you can about the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program, we encourage you to connect with one of our Undergraduate Ambassadors.

The Undergraduate Ambassadors are current Business Badgers who understand the admissions process and can speak about the program based on firsthand experience. Our ambassadors come from a range of backgrounds and represent a variety of majors and career interests. All of them understand what it’s like to make the important decision of which university to attend.

You can ask an Undergraduate Ambassador questions in any of these areas:

  • How to navigate the admissions process and be a competitive candidate
  • What makes the Wisconsin School of Business unique
  • Why the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program may be a good choice for you
  • What the student experience is like, including everything from academics to student life

Arrange for a Family Visit

The Wisconsin Undergraduate Ambassadors host personalized visits with prospective students and their families. Visits are scheduled in advance and tailored to your individual interests and goals. Ambassador visits are available for any prospective student interested in business, and are highly recommended for high school seniors applying or admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Schedule a visit with an Undergraduate Ambassador

Meet Our Undergraduate Ambassadors

Nick Tumilty 

Graduation: 2021
Majors: Finance, Investment, and Banking and Economics

Julia Chelak 

Graduation: 2022
Majors: Real Estate & Urban Land Economics and Marketing

George Jamison 

Graduation: 2022
Majors: International Business and Accounting

Mason Batchelor 

Graduation: 2022
Majors: Finance, Investment, and Banking and Computer Science

Bridget Horvath 

Graduation: 2022
Majors: Management and Human Resources (Entrepreneurship track) and Information Systems

Payton Camilli

Graduation: 2021
Majors: Marketing and Operations and Technology Management

Mikol Tsopnang

Graduation: 2023
Majors: Finance, Investment, and Banking, Operations and Technology Management, and Supply Chain Management

Cori Etzelmueller 

Graduation: 2022
Majors: Supply Chain Management, Operations and Technology Management, and Marketing

Matthew Soffer

Graduation: 2020
Majors: Real Estate & Urban Land Economics, Finance, Investment, and Banking

Jacquelyn Pope 

Graduation: 2021
Majors: Marketing and International Business