Current high school students interested in studying business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are encouraged explore our direct admission process below. BBA Program visit options allow for a variety of ways to learn about our admissions process, academic majors, and the many ways Business Badgers can tailor their experiences in the classroom and beyond.

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Attend an event

Visit campus for an information session and tour

The Wisconsin School of Business hosts BBA information sessions and tours of Grainger Hall for high school students on select Monday and Friday afternoons throughout the academic year.

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Speak with a BBA ambassador

Prospective Wisconsin BBA students and their families can schedule a personalized visit hosted by one of our BBA Ambassadors. BBA Ambassadors are current students who are experts in our admissions process and student life. Ask them about applying to the BBA program, what classes are like, or their favorite spots in Madison—they’re here to help.

Meet our BBA ambassadors

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Direct Admission to the Wisconsin BBA Program

All students who apply to UW-Madison and indicate a business area of interest as their first choice of major are automatically considered for direct admission to the BBA Program. Approximately half of the Wisconsin BBA Program’s students are admitted directly from high school.

  1. Apply to the University of Wisconsin–Madison at or
  2. Indicate business or a specific BBA major as your first choice of major to be considered

Explore UW–Madison application requirements

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Application deadlines

You may submit your application for the spring or fall term of the next calendar year beginning August 1. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on the deadline dates below. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for additional details.

Decision Plan Application Deadline Decision
Spring 2019 Regular Decision October 1 End of December
Fall 2019 Early Action November 1 End of January
Fall 2019 Regular Decision February 1 End of March
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Scholarships and financial aid

The Wisconsin School of Business provides nearly $1 million in scholarship support to admitted and enrolled BBA students each year. There is a wide variety of financial aid and scholarship options available to incoming UW–Madison and/or Wisconsin School of Business students. To be considered for most awards, completion of the FAFSA is required.

Explore scholarships and financial aid options

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After you receive your admissions decision

If you are admitted to the Wisconsin School of Business your decision to enroll in the program is due by May 1.

  1. Accept and pay the enrollment deposit with UW-Madison.
  2. Following submission of the enrollment deposit, you will receive an e-mail from the School of Business to separately accept the offer of direct admission. Submit your acceptance to complete the process. This acceptance does not require a deposit.

Students admitted as Pre-Business

Students who are admitted to UW–Madison, but not the BBA program, have the opportunity to begin the pre-business admissions process and apply again for admission to the BBA program in the spring of their first year on campus.

Approximately half of the Wisconsin BBA Program’s students are admitted through the pre-business process, and there are several events to help you prepare your application.

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Contact us

Want to learn more about the BBA admissions process? Let us know how we can help.

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My favorite aspects of the Wisconsin School of Business are the world‑class faculty and close-knit student body. I love being a Business Badger.
—BBA Ambassador Anders Larson (BBA ’19),
Majors: Marketing, Management and Human Resources (Entrepreneurship)

The direct admit process does not place students in an honors program. All Wisconsin BBA students have a similar undergraduate experience, whether they are UW–Madison students admitted through the pre-business process, or are high school students admitted to the Wisconsin BBA program via the direct admit process.

If you are accepted by UW–Madison, but are not admitted as a direct admit BBA student, you can still become a Business Badger in the future. You would use the pre-business admission process to apply for the Wisconsin BBA Program in the spring semester of your first year. If you were denied direct admission to the Wisconsin School of Business as a high school student, it will not influence your chances of being accepted to the BBA program as a current UW–Madison student through the pre-business process.

Here are the steps you should follow if you would like to apply for direct admission to the Wisconsin School of Business.

  1. Apply to the University of Wisconsin–Madison. You will not need to complete a separate Wisconsin BBA Program application.
  2. On your UW–Madison application, please indicate business as your primary interest.
    NOTE: To change your primary interest or major with UW–Madison Admissions, please send an email to
  3. The UW Office of Admissions will evaluate your qualifications based on the Office’s holistic application process. Academic excellence, leadership, achievement in the arts, athletics, and community involvement are among the qualities that will be evaluated.
  4. Important: Be sure to carefully review the early action and regular decision application deadlines, as well as the decision dates, listed on the main UW–Madison Office of Admissions and Recruitment application page.

Questions along the way? We’re here to help. Reach out to a Wisconsin BBA Student Ambassador or contact the BBA Program Office.

Some students enroll as first-year UW–Madison students and apply to the Wisconsin School of Business in the spring of their first year. Students who follow this path use the pre-business admission process to apply to the Wisconsin BBA Program.

This path may be a good choice for students who wish to explore their options without committing to an undergraduate business degree.

If you choose this path, you will apply to UW-Madison when you are in high school, and then you’ll apply to the BBA Program in the spring semester of your first year (or as soon as you have met pre-business requirements).