Pre-Business Admission Pathway for Current UW-Madison Students

When reviewing your application, the Wisconsin BBA admissions team looks at your qualifications holistically, considering your academic and non-academic strengths, talents, and gifts.

The following information will help you to prepare a competitive and timely application for admission. We also offer a number of resources that can help you during your application process, including pre-business events, downloadable guides, and other resources.

The pre-business advising team is available to support you and answer your questions. You can connect with staff and peer advisors at large-group sessions, by email, and in one-on-one advising sessions.

Key Dates for Pre-Business Admission

March 21, 2018

BBA admission application opens at 8:00 a.m. CT

March 30, 2018

BBA admission application closes at 4:00 p.m. CT

July 1, 2018

Application decisions announced


New admits officially become Wisconsin BBA students at BBA Induction

Pre-Business Application Requirements

Online Application

Complete the online Wisconsin BBA admission application form, available available March 2018.

Academic Record

Your academic transcripts will be available to us as part of your UW–Madison records. Your cumulative GPA through the spring semester is assessed. The minimum GPA to apply is 2.75 at time of application.


Submit a one-page résumé through the online application, following the guidelines in the Résumé Resource Guide for BBA Admission Application and explained in Pre-Business 102. In evaluating your résumé, we look for leadership, impact, and other significant involvement in campus student organizations, community organizations, and/or jobs.


Write one essay in response to the writing prompts provided in the online application. We look for essays that are on topic, personalized, and well written. For help in writing effective essays, see our essay preparation tips. Essays are submitted with your application.

Additional materials such as letters of recommendation are not required and will not be accepted or considered in admission decisions.

Getting Help with Your Wisconsin BBA Application

The Wisconsin BBA Program offers many resources to support you during your application process.

Pre-Business Admissions and Academic Workshops

The Wisconsin BBA Program hosts a number of pre-business events that are designed specifically to guide current UW–Madison students through the pre-business application process. These workshops take a sequential approach, and we recommend that prospective students who wish to be competitive applicants attend all the events.

Best Practices for Résumés

Résumé Resource Guide for BBA Admission Application: This downloadable online resource offers best practices for the content and format of your résumé and complements our pre-business events.

Pre-Business Résumé Reviews: This event provides students the opportunity to have their nearly finalized résumés professionally reviewed before submitting an application to the Wisconsin School of Business. Make sure you use the guidelines provided in the Résumé Resource Guide (see above) to develop your résumé before coming in to have it reviewed.

Tips for Writing Admission Essays

UW Writing Center: The center offers workshops to help you improve your admission essays.

Other Resources

McBurney Disability Resource Center: Students with disabilities eligible for testing accommodations through the McBurney Disability Resource Center should contact Ruben Mota at as soon as possible, but no later than March 1, to discuss any accommodations that might be needed in the application process. This is especially recommended for students using adaptive technology devices. Please note that accommodations may not be possible after March 1.

The Wisconsin BBA Program offers many resources to support you during the application process, including direct access to pre-business advisors who can provide personalized support.

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