Every aspect of your undergraduate business education at the Wisconsin School of Business prepares you for career success. World-class academics, real-world experiences outside the classroom, and co-curricular activities all contribute to your development as a future professional.

Employers value the benefits of leadership programs you may participate in as a student. These programs help you develop communication skills and teamwork and provide leadership development opportunities.

An Active Recruiting Program Connects You with Employers

The Wisconsin School of Business has the largest employer recruiting program among business programs in Wisconsin, as measured by number of employers. Leading companies from across the nation and around the world recruit and hire our students, returning annually. These companies recruit Wisconsin Undergraduate Program students because they know that our students are bright, achievement-oriented, and well-prepared academically, personally, and professionally.

As a Wisconsin Undergraduate Program student, you can connect with leading companies from across the nation and around the world. At the same time, we strive for balance in the types of companies that recruit our students, as well as the industries they represent. Smaller firms and even entrepreneurial startups are also among the companies that hire Wisconsin Undergraduate Program graduates.

Connecting with these potential employers is easy—you don’t even have to leave campus. Every year, employing companies from a variety of industries and locations conduct on-campus interviews in the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program interview suite.

A Strong Network Supports Your Success

An active employer relations program at the Wisconsin School of Business, staffed by full-time professionals, builds and maintains our extensive network of employers. These solid relationships benefit you by enabling you to connect with multiple employers in your field of interest. The Wisconsin School of Business has more than 500 organizations who support our recruitment program.

As a Wisconsin Undergraduate Program student, you can also look forward to joining a network of Business Badgers that numbers more than 42,500 individuals worldwide. Wisconsin School of Business graduates are widely recognized for their support of each other and their willingness to connect. Our strong alumni base will be an asset to you as you seek new career opportunities now and in the future.

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Corporate partners recruiting our students

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Business Badgers in the alumni network