The Wisconsin BBA Program uses an integrated approach to your career preparation. Working together in the BBA Advising Center, academic and career advisors coordinate their efforts to best support students. We partner with you to help you find employment that is the right fit, and to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

You will find our career advisors to be knowledgeable and focused on your future success. Once you have declared a major, you will be assigned to both an academic advisor and career advisor who have specialized knowledge in your field of interest. These advisors also stay in touch with faculty members so that they, and you, are up-to-date on the latest employment trends in your field.

Your career advisor can also help you explore your employment options. As an undergraduate business student, you aren’t expected to have a firm vision for your future. In fact, locking in on a narrow goal too early may not be in your best interests. An important part of the process is evaluating your options and conducting the self-assessments necessary to find your best career fit.

Empowering You with Job Search Skills

Although our career advisors will do much to help you land that first job after college, our approach focuses on teaching you the job search skills you will need throughout your career. Although we provide guidance, the decisions are still yours to make. As a Wisconsin BBA student, you can build foundational knowledge about career management that will benefit you for a lifetime.

The job search skills you’ll gain as a Wisconsin BBA student will give you confidence and prepare you to present your knowledge and experience to potential employers effectively. Your career advisor will work with you in the following areas, all of which are critical to your success:

  • Résumés
  • Cover letters
  • Self-assessments
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Employer research
  • Evaluating job offers
  • Job and internship search strategies
Student at a career fair

Career Fairs Connect You with Employing Companies

The Wisconsin School of Business hosts regular career fairs. These events give you an opportunity to network with employers, showcase your strengths as a candidate, and ask in-depth, well-researched questions about specific positions and companies. A career fair is not the place where you will get a job, but it can determine whether you receive an interview. Many employers make decisions about who they select to interview based on the interaction they have with a candidate at the fair.

Career fairs are also an opportunity to practice your networking skills before you actually begin interviewing for positions. Our Career Preparation Series includes programming designed to help you prepare, so you can do your best at each career fair you attend.