Have questions about the undergraduate Wisconsin BBA Program? We’re here to help.

You may wish to start by attending an admissions event, where you will meet members of the BBA staff and current Wisconsin BBA students. 


Many questions are answered on this website. Be sure to check our Admissions section, including Admissions FAQs.

If you wish to contact a representative of the Wisconsin BBA Program, use the information below.


Wisconsin BBA Program
Wisconsin School of Business
3290 Grainger Hall
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. U.S. CT

Telephone, Fax, and Email

Phone: +1 608-262-2550
Fax: +1 608-265-4190
Email: admissions@wsb.wisc.edu

Undergraduate BBA Program Office

Admissions and Recruitment

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Kevin Zalanowski
Director, Admissions and Recruitment

Pre-Business Advising for Current UW–Madison Students

General questions can be sent to the pre-business advising team at prebusadvising@wsb.wisc.edu. If you are a current UW–Madison student who is preparing to apply through the pre-business process, please include your student ID number and your @wisc.edu email address.

Katie Denzin
Katie Denzin
Associate Director, BBA Advising
Randy Gentile
Randy Gentile
Pre-Business Academic Advisor
Pahoua Xion
Pahoua Xiong
Pre-Business Academic Advisor

BBA Student Ambassadors

The Wisconsin BBA Ambassadors are current students who understand the admission process and can speak about the program based on firsthand experience. They host personalized visits with prospective students and their families, and can also answer questions by email. Simply send an email to admissions@wsb.wisc.edu and ask for a response from a BBA Ambassador.

Business Emerging Leaders (BEL) Program

The Business Emerging Leaders (BEL) Program is a college preparatory program for diverse students. Questions about the BEL Program can be sent to belprogram@wsb.wisc.edu.

Dani Barker
Dani Barker
BEL Program Associate Director

Academic and Co-Curricular Services for Students

Kristin Determan
Kristin Determan
Director, Academic Affairs and Advising
Jamie Marsh Finco
Jamie Marsh
Director, Career Services
Joseph Halaas
Joseph Halaas
Director, International Programs