The Wisconsin BBA Program gives you far more than an academic experience. We offer a comprehensive business education that equips you to have an impact as a business professional, a volunteer, a leader in your community, and a future mentor and role model to others.

Employers value specific characteristics in their new hires, including leadership skills, confidence, communication skills, ethical decision-making, and experience working in diverse teams. Top companies come to the Wisconsin School of Business to recruit year after year because they find these qualities in Business Badgers.

One-of-a-Kind Programs

The Wisconsin School of Business has created groundbreaking programs to support the development of leadership, personal, and professional skills in our BBA students.

The Wisconsin BBA Program incorporates a multi-year approach to helping students develop career-ready, proven work and life skills. The program includes curricular and co-curricular components to foster leadership development, as well as personal, academic, career, and professional growth.

The Accenture Leadership Center (ALC) was one of the first in-house leadership centers at a U.S. business school. Today, it continues to be student-driven and alumni-supported. The center offers a variety of activities, classes, workshops, and leadership training events, including LeaderShape Institute, a six-day, intensive, leadership training. Wisconsin BBA students graduate with the confidence, self-awareness, and professional skills to lead and inspire others.

Zach Roberts

“Students not only talk about leadership in class, but go out and find ways to lead as part of the program. Going into job interviews and being able to talk about how I was a mentor and a leader, while helping build those skills in others, really brought home the value of the Wisconsin BBA Program and the impact.”

—Zach Roberts, BBA

Accenture Leadership Center (ALC)

Prepare to impact your career and your community by developing leadership and communication skills.

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Study Abroad

Many Wisconsin BBA students find that an international experience brings added dimension to their personal and professional development. Our study abroad program connects students with partner business schools in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

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