The Wisconsin School of Business led the way as one of the first business schools in the nation to prioritize the development of leaders and create its own in-house leadership center. The Accenture Leadership Center (ALC) encourages students to develop and practice leadership skills by creating opportunities to learn, practice, and lead. Students graduate with greater confidence, effective leadership skills, and an enhanced ability to inspire themselves and others.

The Accenture Leadership Center offers a variety of leadership activities, classes, and workshops.

Workshops and Speaker Series

The Accenture Leadership Center offers a variety of interactive workshops aimed at building better leaders. The center invites University of Wisconsin–Madison alumni and other business leaders to campus to lead some of these workshops and network with students. Workshops are offered on topics such as group dynamics, conflict management, giving and receiving feedback, and leading with integrity.

Case Competitions

Case competitions give students the opportunity to test their skills using potential real-life business situations. Working in teams, students analyze a business case and prepare a proposed solution within a given timeframe. Finally, each team presents its ideas to a panel of judges.

Case competitions through the Accenture Leadership Center are designed to foster teamwork and collaboration, while affording each student an opportunity to practice effective leadership. Participation in case competitions teaches students skills that are essential to problem-solving in the workplace.

Leadership Training in Pictures