The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is working to further its vision of a community of diverse students, faculty, and staff, while also bringing the nation’s best students to the School.

The Business Emerging Leaders (BEL) Program is designed for promising students who come from diverse backgrounds and have strong academic records and demonstrated leadership skills. Program participation gives students a distinct competitive advantage when adjusting to college life, learning in classes, and applying for internship opportunities, ultimately preparing them for successful careers in business.

BEL Program students who are admitted to UW–Madison and major in business are granted a full-tuition scholarship for four years of attendance. (Completion of the program does not guarantee admission into the university.) The BEL Program meets every summer for three years, beginning the summer after tenth grade. Learn more on the Program Details page.

About the Application Process

Our goal at the Wisconsin School of Business is to get to know each applicant as an individual. Students are selected based on their demonstrated academic success, leadership skills, commitment to diversity, and potential to excel in business at the university. We encourage all eligible applicants who think they would be a great fit for the BEL Program to apply during the open application period. Learn more about how to apply.

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View the BEL Program Brochure


Important Dates

Application Deadlines*

November 2019

Application opens for BEL 2020

February 2020

Application closes

mid-March 2020

Notification of admission status released via email

late-March 2020

Notification to respond to offer of admission

*These dates are subject to change.

BEL Program Timeline

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Apply to the BEL Program in 10th grade.

First-Year BEL Students

Spend three weeks in Madison during the summer after 10th grade.

July 2020

Second-Year BEL Students

Spend four weeks in Madison during the summer after 11th grade.

July – early August 2020

Newly Admitted Business Badgers

Third-year BEL students enroll in a 3-credit business course designed to help prepare them for a successful first year in college.

July - mid-August 2020

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BEL scholars who are admitted to UW–Madison to study business receive a full-tuition scholarship for four years.