During the three summers in the Business Emerging Leaders (BEL) Program, students will join a diverse community in self-exploration, team building, academic growth, and career development. They will fully prepare to enter college with a distinct advantage, as they create lifelong friendships and lasting memories on the UW–Madison campus each summer.

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Community Experience

  • Live, study, and participate in team-building activities in Dejope Residence Hall with students from across the nation.
  • Develop friendships with other high-achieving students who also plan to attend UW–Madison and study business.
  • Visit campus and community locations for fun activities and a chance to relax in Madison, while getting a taste of the college experience.
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Personal Growth

  • Discover personal passions and strengths through self-exploration and workshops.
  • Become empowered to tackle challenges and opportunities head-on.
  • Explore identity and solidify your values and beliefs.
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Academic Excellence

  • Explore the business majors offered at the Wisconsin School of Business and discover which one is best suited for personal interests and goals.
  • Realize your potential through individualized academic support.
  • Experience the subjects and coursework needed to excel in college business classes.
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Career Exploration

  • Participate in job shadowing at local and regional companies to discover what it’s like to be a professional in the workplace.
  • Meet with business leaders at seminars, company site visits, workshops, and discussions.
  • Develop solutions to challenges faced by corporations and organizations by participating in case competitions.