An international experience can complement and enhance every aspect of your business education. The Wisconsin Undergraduate Program makes this opportunity possible by partnering with more than 35 of the top business schools and business study abroad programs in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Nearly 40 percent of every Undergraduate Program class studies abroad.

Studying abroad is a transformative experience that offers lifelong benefits to you as an individual and as a future business professional.

  • Develop a global perspective that changes your worldview.
  • Experience international business and prepare for a world economy.
  • Learn to appreciate other cultures and points of view.
  • Challenge yourself and develop confidence in your abilities.
  • Build a global network of friends from other countries.
  • Learn who you are; discover your identity and values.
  • Differentiate yourself with global experience on your résumé.

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Study Abroad is within Your Reach

Study abroad can fit into your degree program without affecting your graduation date. Your study abroad and academic advisors can help you choose the right courses to take both in Wisconsin and at your destination school, with consideration for your degree program and your individual needs.

The career advisors with the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program are also well-versed in study abroad considerations. They can help you understand how to leverage your study abroad experience at major recruiting events and other career preparation milestones. Some international experiences even include internships.

A study abroad experience can be within financial reach. Programs at several of our partner schools are comparable in cost to a semester at the Wisconsin School of Business. The International Programs team can help you develop a budget that estimates the true costs of a study abroad program.

The Wisconsin School of Business offers a number of financial aid and scholarship awards to support study abroad experiences. Learn more about our various financial aid options.

Business Courses with Embedded International Study

In addition to study abroad for an entire semester or summer term, the Wisconsin Undergraduate Program occasionally offers seminar-type courses that involve short-term travel to another country. For example, students recently engaged in a nine-day field study to Cuba with a professor of international business and management and human resources. These opportunities are announced to Wisconsin Undergraduate Program students as they become available, and your study abroad advisor can help you determine whether this type of course is a good choice for you.

Students Share Their International Experiences

“Studying abroad not only taught me about different cultures—I also learned a great deal about myself. Studying in Sevilla made me leave my fears and comfort zone behind and just dive into the experience. I always pictured myself living and working in Chicago after graduation, but being in Sevilla made me want to push my boundaries further. Opportunities to live, work, and immerse oneself in another culture are difficult to come by and for that I am so thankful for the four months I had in Sevilla. They truly changed my life, in the best possible way.”

—Anna Murtell
Undergraduate Program Student, Marketing and International Business

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Seville Business and Society makes time for students like Natasha Serafin (BBA ’15), R, to cross the Mediterranean from Spain and experience Morocco.

Want to know more about studying abroad as a Wisconsin Undergraduate Program student? Hear about it firsthand from our study abroad bloggers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need to be fluent in another language in order to study abroad?

    No. Although some students do see study abroad as an opportunity to immerse themselves in a foreign language, many students use their native English-speaking skills when studying abroad. In most destinations, people are accustomed to dealing with English speakers, and the majority of our partner business schools offer instruction in English. Students who are proficient in a foreign language may wish to choose a study abroad program where the dominant language is not English; collectively, our partner schools offer programs in more than 10 foreign languages.

  • What type of support will I get as I prepare to study abroad?

    The International Programs team at the Wisconsin School of Business works with you to explore your international options, prepare for your trip, and understand the application process and timelines. You can also connect with Wisconsin BBA students who have recently returned from study abroad experiences and can help you through the process.

  • How will I choose a destination for my international experience?

    There are several considerations involved in choosing a destination for study abroad. No one can make this decision for you; however, the staff and students on the International Programs team can give you some guidance. Factors commonly considered include your personal interests or passions, language preferences, characteristics of the location, financial considerations, and program features and schedules.

  • Where do students live while they are abroad?

    Most students live in housing coordinated by the partner university or in off-campus apartments with other students from a variety of countries. In some programs, students can choose to live with a local host family. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and enhance conversational language skills.

  • How can I use my study abroad experience to benefit my career?

    Employers value international experience. Study abroad demonstrates your willingness to step outside your comfort zone and provides good preparation for working in a global economy. Your career advisor can show you how to highlight your new experiences and skills, so that you can differentiate yourself from other job candidates.

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Studying abroad is an exciting, enriching academic experience that expands your worldview and helps you discover more about yourself. Want to broaden your horizons as a study abroad student? Get started by discovering the details.

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Information for Visiting Exchange Students

If you are an international student from one of our partner universities and you are planning a semester at the Wisconsin School of Business, please visit our web pages for incoming exchange students.

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