Assistant Professor | Management and Human Resources
4265 Grainger Hall
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Professor Honore's work sits at the intersection of strategic management, entrepreneurship, and human capital. She studies two central questions throughout her research. First, what determines who switches into entrepreneurship, either as a founder or early employee? And second, how do prior work experiences influence start-up outcomes (i.e. survival, hiring, managerial practices, and alliances)? Methodologically, she uses discrete choice and two-sided matching models to address these questions.


Selected Accepted Journal Articles

Fudge Kamal, D. & Honore, F. & Nistor, C. (2021). When the Weak are Mighty: A Two-Sided Matching Approach to Alliance Performance Outcome Strategic Management Journal

Honore, F. (2020). Joining Forces: How Can Founding Members’ Prior Experience Variety and Shared Experience Increase Startup Survival? Academy of Management Journal

Honore, F. & Ganco, M. (2019). Entrepreneurial Teams' Acquisition of Talent: Evidence from Technology Manufacturing Industries Using a Two-Sided Approach. Forthcoming. Strategic Management Journal

Selected Published Journal Articles

Honore, F. (2016). Entrepreneurial Teams’ Acquisition of Talents and Performance: A Two-Sided Approach Academy of Management Proceedings

Honore, F. (2015). Founding Teams' Prior Shared Experience and Start-Up Performance Academy of Management Proceedings

Gambardella, A. & Ganco, M. & Honore, F. (2015). Using What You Know: Patented Knowledge in Incumbent Firms and Employee Entrepreneurship Organization Science

Honore, F. & Munari, F. & van Pottelsberghe, B. (2015). Corporate Governance Practices and Companies’ R&D Intensity: Evidence from European Countries Research Policy

Ganco, M. & Honore, F. & Raffiee, J. Entrepreneurial Team Assembly: Knowledge Transfer, Customer Transfer, and Matching Models Oxford Handbook on Entrepreneurship and Collaboration


Strategic Management Society (2019) Entrepreneurship, Mobility, and the Management of Human Capital: The Effect of Family Constraints

Federal Statistical Research Data Center Conference (2019) LEHD and entrepreneurship studies


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Strategic Management Society

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