Wisconsin School of Business faculty members achieve global recognition for their groundbreaking research. Read about their findings, which provide answers to important questions and deliver key business insights.

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Why Deep Learning May Hold the Key for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

October 7, 2019

Why do so many nascent entrepreneurial ventures end up failing? It may have a lot to do with the learning process, says WSB's Hart Posen. His new research looks at the value of understanding learning as a continuum with many junctures and how deep learning in one area can transfer to an entrepreneur's next venture.

WSB Faculty Debate Retail's New Reality

May 13, 2019

Are we witnessing a retail apocalypse or a retail rebirth? Washington Post reporter and WSB's Business Writer in Residence Jonathan O'Connell facilitates as faculty share insights and expertise on where the retail industry is today and where it may be headed.

The Price Employers Pay for Employees' Financial Precarity

September 28, 2018

New research from WSB's Jirs Meuris suggests that when employees struggle financially, employers are also affected.

Research Roundup: WSB's Department of Management and Human Resources

August 24, 2018

Faculty from the Department of Management and Human Resources at the Wisconsin School of Business share key ideas from their research as featured on the Forward Thinking blog. Associate Professor Martin Ganco: 5 Things To Know …

Increase Your Work Productivity and Stick Around: Refer a Friend

August 17, 2018

We’ve all heard the saying, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But here’s another, lesser-known piece of professional advice: Refer a friend to your workplace and both …

5 Things To Know About Noncompete Clauses and Constrained Employee Mobility

May 15, 2018

In 2016, national media broke the news that sandwich giant Jimmy John’s would no longer require its employees to sign noncompete clauses. Prior to this decision, its contracts prohibited workers from, among other things, working …

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