Wisconsin School of Business faculty members achieve global recognition for their groundbreaking research. Read about their findings, which provide answers to important questions and deliver key business insights.

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WSB's Greg DeCroix Offers Insights on Food Supply Chain Issues

May 28, 2020

UW Now Livestream event explores challenges brought on by COVID-19 pandemic.

Exploring the Potential and Pitfalls of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

April 16, 2018

Emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency are changing many aspects of our lives, including how we do business and enact regulations. Wisconsin School of Business faculty weighed in on this new frontier during a panel …

Dealing with Uncertainty: Demand Forecasting and Production Flexibility

June 26, 2015

Supply chain managers are constantly seeking better information about future product demand to better manage purchasing and production decisions. In some cases, companies are able to easily obtain specific information about demand—for example, in industries …

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