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An illustration depicting a man thinking about many different choices he could make.

The Power of Choice: What WSB Research Says About Decision-Making

July 31, 2019

When it comes to making choices, there’s no shortage of popular advice out there. WSB faculty have looked at the nature of choice and how we go about making decisions big and small.

Let the Dog Decide: WSB’s Justin Sydnor Talks Behavior Change on Freakonomics Radio

June 24, 2019

WSB's Justin Sydnor shared his expertise on decision-making and health care insurance during a recent broadcast of Freakonomics Radio.

WSB Associate Professor Justin Sydnor

Video: Associate Professor Justin Sydnor on Choosing the Best Value in a Health Plan

January 24, 2019

Associate Professor Justin Sydnor's research explores how many people end up choosing a health plan that doesn’t provide the best economic value.

How the Insurance Industry Uses Analytics to Make Decisions

February 5, 2016

Analytics is critical to the insurance business—it allows us to interpret the data that drives the industry. What is insurance analytics? For some, analytics means advanced data-mining tools, like neural networks, classification trees, and nonparametric …

Working Toward a Win-Win Solution: Why Actuaries Should Use Shrinkage to Rate Endorsements

January 14, 2016

Suppose you are the manager of a local zoo. Every year you purchase standard building insurance to protect your assets. Your insurance company also offers “zoo animal coverage” at an additional cost. Many insurance policies …

How Can Micro Health Insurance Policies be More Sustainable?

November 6, 2015

Addressing adverse selection issues and the role of pregnancy in micro health insurance Insurance is an important mechanism for economic development, and in recent years, many efforts have gotten off the ground to extend insurance …

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