Wisconsin School of Business faculty members achieve global recognition for their groundbreaking research. Read about their findings, which provide answers to important questions and deliver key business insights.

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How Is Consumer Behavior Changing Due to COVID-19? WSB Faculty Respond

November 4, 2020

From houseplants to haircutting shears, curbside pickups to patio dining, the COVID-19 crisis has altered not just what consumers are buying, but how they are buying it.

You Can't Touch This: Why Blocking Shoppers May Boost Your Sales

February 19, 2020

A pioneer in the area of touch and consumer behavior research, WSB's Joann Peck explains why 'don't touch' may be the sales message retailers need to communicate.

Stressed About Holiday Shopping? Try These Tips from WSB's Marketing Faculty

December 20, 2019

Holiday shopping or a root canal? When you're pressed for time (and money), many of us find navigating the annual shopping season to be stressful. Here are four tips from WSB's Marketing faculty that will help you achieve your gift goals and have some fun along the way.

Research Roundup: WSB's Department of Marketing

June 29, 2018

Faculty from the Department of Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business share key ideas from their research as featured on the Forward Thinking blog. Professor Noah Lim: Motivation By Design: Team Composition and Sales Contests …

With Apparel Industry Suppliers, It's Executional Skills That Drive Performance

March 28, 2018

A popular women’s yoga wear outfitter with products in major department stores opens a series of brick-and-mortar retail shops in various cities. An apparel company enters a long-term contract with a trendy national fashion brand, …

Small Samples, Big Results: 6 Takeaways on In-Store Sampling

November 6, 2017

You’ve probably already experienced this at your favorite grocery store: armed with your weekly shopping list of boring but necessary household items, you find yourself detouring for the artisanal cheese display or stopping for a …

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