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A headshot of Dmitry Orlov, assistant professor of finance

New WSB Faculty: Meet Dmitry Orlov, Assistant Professor of Finance

November 15, 2019

Dmitry Orlov, new assistant professor of finance, shares his thoughts on joining WSB and the University of Wisconsin–Madison community.

Representatives from the Turkmenistan banking industry meet with WSB leaders at Grainger Hall.

Puelicher Center Hosts Turkmenistan Delegation to Share Banking Expertise

October 23, 2019

WSB's Puelicher Center for Banking Education hosted a Turkmenistan delegation to aid the country in setting up a modern banking system.

Auditing Course Redesign Prepares WSB Students to Succeed from Day One

July 2, 2019

Assistant Professor Emily Griffith used her Cynthia and John Ihlenfeld Professorship for Inspired Learning to make WSB’s advanced audit and assurance course more responsive. “Employers want people to figure out what to do that hasn’t been done before. They are looking for students who have that willingness to teach themselves how to do new things.”

The Nicholas Center's New Initiative Offers Graduate-Level Learning for Undergraduate Finance Students

September 14, 2018

A new program developed through WSB's Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking will offer top-notch undergraduate students the opportunity to gain graduate-level knowledge.

WSB Research That Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals for the New Year

January 11, 2016

Each year, business professionals make new year’s resolutions with the best intentions—to live healthier, work smarter, and make more money than the year before. Achieving these goals can be a challenge, but recent research from …

WSB Accounting Faculty Influence Industry by Serving on Standard Setting Boards

December 18, 2015

For years, the accounting faculty at the Wisconsin School of Business have shaped the standards of accounting practices in the U.S. Two standout faculty members—one an accomplished UW-Madison alumnus returning to his alma mater as …

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